Although you may not believe the myth of energy are already currently part of the archaic prehistory completely amorphous industrialism and obsolete rex-dinosaurs that refuse to die, hydrocarbons are a black and monstrous tome and deadly predator, is an industry that tries to rescue anthropological dead souls of their ancestors by burning incense and all the earth.
Science advances by leaps and huge and is already in the hands of the sages of the world, devices no bigger than the size of a human head, which are capable of producing electricity for the entire planet for 2 million years, with only the energy provided 250 grams of carbon, an electron has 80 million horsepower, a molecule has millions of atoms and one centimeter cube of coal has about 29 trillion molecules.
Here you will find a range of engines wonderful everlasting and continuous operation that completely displace polluting industry throughout the world, for a clean, safe energy that does not damage anything, neither the environment nor to the living. IMAGES ARE HERE TO TAKE YOUR TIME TO LOAD
These simplistic engines put an end to the industry of destruction and hatred against the oxidizing represents planetary life.
The engines we give below are very simple but not cease to be momentous for mankind, and later see and can get very sophisticated engines that run on the same principle of auton but very compact with unlimited powers, this is something as a motor the size of a portfolio that can generate 10,000. Horsepower with 60,000 Rpm and not use any type of energy only about 5 liters of oil completely sealed vacuum that can quietly last 100 years without any deterioration.

Here we will discuss openly and technology plans for all those who want to make, requiring only a little practice technique to make them, and manufacturers can produce them in series.
We also sent home for alternative ways for customers interested whether the plans of some sizes, or models of each and every one of the models we discuss in these pages. They are ready for immediate shipment.
Taking you one of any of this advanced engine in its hands and you can see very well run place in your home a beautiful trophy symbol of the triumph of wisdom against ignorance.
Costs will be given to people who submit their information on the contacts page next to your email address.

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